DP Meaning – What Does DP Mean?

DP Meaning – What Does DP Mean and Stand for?

Do you know what does the abbreviation “DP” stands for? It expresses a phrase that nearly everybody knows about, regardless of whether they don’t comprehend what it implies at first. If you are a social platform user, you may come across this acronym frequently. If you are finding details about this, you are right to come here. By scrolling down this page, you will find everything you want to know about “DP“. The article provides you with information about its meaning, origin, and other meanings. Additionally, you will see several examples for you to have insight into the meaning of this acronym and then apply it in daily conversation. At the bottom of this page, you will see some synonyms that convey the same meaning of “DP” so that you can use alternative ones instead of “DP”.

DP Meaning What Does DP Mean - DP Meaning - What Does DP Mean?


What does “DP” meaning?

DP=Display Picture/Profile

These days, internet citizens are using various social media platforms where they can add their pictures called “DP” and also profile pictures. However, most of them do not know what is the actual full form of “DP”, rather they know it is a profile picture.

DP’s origin

There are no details accessible related to the beginning of this abbreviation or the expression it addresses. Nevertheless, it can be said that it has been utilized to represent this meaning since at least 2005.

DP Other meaning


Actually, this acronym has a myriad of meanings like other abbreviations. However, it is impossible to list all of its other meanings so here are several common meanings of “DP”:

  • Data processing
  • Displaced person
  • Double penetration
  • Dynamic programming
  • Diploma programming
  • Death penalty
  • Development plan
  • Dinner party
  • Distribution plan

Because “DP” has numerous meanings, you should understand its meaning in the right context to avoid misunderstanding.

DP Examples

Example 1: An online talk between two Facebook users.

A: Hey, I have just seen your new DP on your Facebook account.

B: Really? Why don’t you like my DP?

A: Lol. I forgot it. Sorry.

Example 2: A conversation between two friends

A: Your new DP is so beautiful. I like it. Where did you take this photo?

B: Thanks. Yesterday, I travelled to Ha Long Bay with my family and my brother took it for me.

A: It’s so great.

DP Synonyms

There are several phrases that you can use to convey the same meaning with “DP”. They are “profile picture”, “avatar” or “account picture.”

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