ISTG Meaning – What Does ISTG Mean?

In online conversations, people tend to use abbreviated forms for saving time so acronym usage is getting more and more popular. Meanwhile, one of the most famous abbreviations used today is “ISTG”. Here you will find the meaning for this acronym and where it came from. You can also see several examples that help you know how to use this acronym in daily conversation, and other ways to convey the same meaning.

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What Does ISTG stand for?

  ISTG = I swear to god

There are many ways that ISTG is used to express emotional sincerity including:

  • To express certainty when faced with skepticism
  • To promise to change an action or behavior.
  • To make a threat seem more intimidating.
  • As a general interjection.

The abbreviation ISTG is regularly not suitable for use in formal discussions or discussions where you need to stay deferential toward the other individuals. There are alternate approaches to make yourself sound genuine. Similarly, you presumably additionally shouldn’t utilize ISTG when addressing any individual who’s very religious or spiritual—keeping in mind their convictions. They may get annoyed by an articulation like this.

Where did ISTG come from?

The expression “I swear to God” has been around for hundreds of years and is derived from the old English term “swear,” which meaning “oath.” The term means an oath or pledge to God, which is not to be taken lightly for fear of going to hell if the one uttering it is lying. When talking and texting became popular, the term was taken over and abbreviated to the abbreviation form for convenience.


Example 1:

                  A: Have you done? I am waiting for you.

                  B: Wait for a minute, please.

                  A: Don’t be too late ISTG!

                  B: OK. I swear it’s the last time.

Example 2:

                  Lily: Hey, Mary. I am going to tell Michel that you like him.

                  Mary:  Uhm. No! Lily, Why do you do that? You promised to keep it secret.

                  Lily: Why not? I am pretty sure he likes you too. I will help you.

                  Mary: ISTG! If you tell him I will never talk to you again!

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There are a variety of alternative ways to say “ISTG”, including:

  • I cross my heart
  • as God as my witness
  • spelling it out; I swear to God

Other meaning

  • I support the girls
  • I stan this group
  • Intersite  topology generator
  • International Studies and Traditional Governance
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
  • Irish Surgical Training Group
  • Information Storage Technology Group

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