Learn English Conversation Lesson 23 – My Future Job

My Future Job - Learn English Conversation Lesson 23 - My Future Job

G : What do you want to be when you grow up, Mark?

B : I want to be a teacher. I think I would like to help children learn.

G : Well, you know, teachers work very hard, and they are not paid much money.

B : I don’t care about money. Teaching is an important job.

G : What subject do you want to teach?

B : I want to teach mathematics, like Ms. Kim. She makes learning fun. I didn’t know that I would like math so much until I joined her class. Now, mathematics is my favorite subject.

G : If you want to teach math, you’ll have to work hard and learn it well.

B : No problem! I got an A on the mathematics examination last week. With good teachers like Ms. Kim, learning is easy.

G : I want to be a teacher, too. But I want to teach English, not math!



job n  paid occupation
mathematics n  study of relationships using numbers
favorite a  preferred or most liked
subject n  course of study
join v  become part of group
art n  study of art
examination n  full form of exam: test of knowledge or ability
until prep  up to a time or event, but not afterward
grow up  become adult
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