Learn English Conversation Lesson 26 – Teamwork

Teamwork - Learn English Conversation Lesson 26 - Teamwork

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G : When people work together as a team, they can achieve a lot.

You can easily get things done when you share the work.

We practice teamwork in my family. Both my parents have jobs. My father is a doctor.

My mother is a teacher. Both of them work long hours all week. My brother is a student at college.

I am a student in school. We all have very busy lives. So, when it comes to household chores, we all work together to get them done.

Each of us has different chores. My parents take turns to cook. My father takes out the trash.

My mother does the laundry. My brother washes the dishes. I sweep the floor.

We share the chores and work together. Everything gets done fast. People should practice working as a team.

Teamwork works!



Achieve v Succeed in doing
Student n Person studying
Chores n Routine task
Parents n Mother and father
Teamwork n Cooperative work by group
Laundry n Dirty clothes or linen put aside to be washed and ironed
Household a Relating to, belonging to, or used in a household
Share v Divide something equally between people
Sweep v Clean place with brush take turns
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