Learn English Conversation Lesson 27 – A Part-time Job

A Part time Job - Learn English Conversation Lesson 27 - A Part-time Job

B : I want to find a part-time job. Do you have any ideas about where I should look for work?
W: Have you looked in the newspaper? There are lots of job advertisements in the newspaper.
B: Yes, I have. But there were no jobs I was interested in.
W: Did you search on the Internet? Many companies put job advertisements on the Internet.
B: No, I haven’t looked on the Internet. I don’t know what I should search for.
W: There are many websites that have job postings that you could look at. You could also search for the type of job you are interested in.
B: OK. Thanks for telling me what I need to do. I’ll start my Internet search right now.
W: I have a list of some websites. You could start looking at those first. That might save you some time.
B: That would be very useful. Thanks!



Internet n Global computer network
Search v Examine something thoroughly
Interested a Curious or concerned
Advertisement n Act of advertising
Newspaper n Printed account of news
List n Ordered series
Part-time a Not full time
Missing a Disappeared
Posting n Online message
Right away Immediately, without waiting or any delay
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