Learn English Conversation Lesson 29 – Trees in the Forest

Trees in the Forest - Learn English Conversation Lesson 29 - Trees in the Forest

B: There are many forests in North America. There are many trees in these forests. Some of these trees are more than two hundred feet tall.

Some are over five hundred years old. Several kinds of trees grow in these forests.

Fir, cedar, and pine are three. These trees grow in different areas. Some grow in forests.

Some grow on the mountains. People who lived in this place long ago used these trees to make things out of wood.

Many of these trees are now in special areas. These areas are called forest reserves or national parks.

Some parks charge a small entrance fee. Visitors must pay the fee to enter the parks. Then they can walk among the beautiful old trees.

They must take care not to damage the trees. We should all take care of forests.



Forest n  large dense growth of trees
Several a Few: a small number, though more than two or three
Visitor n  somebody visiting, migratory bird appearing temporarily
Hundred n  the number 100
Fee n  payment for services
Damage n  harm or injury
Reserve v  to keep something back for future use or for some specific purpose
National a  of nation, owned or controlled by central government
Entrance n  a door or gate through which people enter
Take care of  to provide for the needs of somebody or something
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