NGL Meaning – What Does NGL Mean?

Do you know “NGL“? In this article, you have a chance to discover not only its meaning, origin but also its usage. You also see some examples that contain “NGL” to help you have a better understanding of it. Finally, you will find some other meanings of “NGL“.

“NGL” Meaning

NGL Meaning What Does NGL Mean - NGL Meaning - What Does NGL Mean?

NGL = Not going to lie/ Not gonna lie

This acronym is usually used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate honesty or vulnerability. In fact, you can use it in texting, blogs, instant messaging, and social media posts. However, it’s not popular and more situational than every day. NGL’s tone changes depending on the situation. In some cases, it is used to ridicule someone, to share your honest opinion, to share your emotions, or even to flirt with someone.

“NGL”- Origin

The abbreviation “not going to lie” began at some point over the most recent 100 years. It’s constantly been utilized to express honesty or vulnerability, in spite of the fact that it’s normally tossed around as an empty colloquialism. In other words, individuals frequently say, “not going to lie” previously or after conclusions that aren’t in reality profound, dooming, or defenseless.

It appears to be that “not going to lie” transformed into NGL in 2009 or 2010. That is the point at which the shortened form was first added to the Urban Dictionary and around the time the word fired getting steam on Google Trends.

Currently, NGL is at its top on Google Trends, which implies more individuals are looking for the word online than at any other time. NGL is acquiring fame on social sites like Reddit and Twitter, on account of the “they had us in the first half, not gonna lie” meme that was started by Apollos Hester.

NGL Example

Example 1: A conversation between two friends

A: WYD? Let’s go out for food!

B: NGL, I hate hot dogs.

A: Right, IK, you can choose what you like.

Example 2: An online talk between two friends

A: Do you have any plans for the weekend?

B: NGL I have no plan.

A: Could you go out with me?


Other meanings

Here you will see some other popular meanings of NGL. When you use this acronym, make sure that you use it in the proper context.

  • Natural Gas Liquid
  • Nordic Green Left
  • Newcastle Gamers League
  • Next Generation Leaders
  • National Guardian Life
  • No Greater Love
  • Network Global Logistics
  • Natural ground level

Similar internet slang phrases

IDC I don’t care
TBH To be honest
NGLTBH Not going to/gonna lie be honest
INGL I’m not going to lie
FR For real
FRFR For real for real
STG Swear to God
IMO In my opinion
IMHO In my honest opinion
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