Essay On The Camel

Essay On The Camel

The Camel Essay

Introduction to The Camel Essay: Camel is a large animal which belongs to different areas of the world. Camels have a fatty mass on its back, which is called hump. Its important species belongs from mainly two areas.

Camels first introduced into Australia. They found them in 1840 during exploration of inland Australia. There are three survivor species of camel.

the camel essay

First one is known as humped dromedary, which makes almost 94% of the world’s camel population. They are also are known as an Arabian camel. Other species are known as humped Bactrian camel. Another species is Wild Bactrian camel.

They natively belong to dry and desserts areas of Northern Africa and Asia, respectively. The average life of camel is 30 to 50 years. They were first domesticated between 3500-3000 years ago.

Physical Features of the Camel

Camels belong from the Animalia Kingdom, and its class is Mammalia. They spend their life in a waterless desert. Because of this quality camels are known as “the ship of the desert.”

Camels gifted a great blessing. They can bear their thirst for many hours. Camels can store a lot of water in its body. Camel saves Trans fats in its hump.

Another place for store water is the feet of camels. Their feet’s tissue stores water in string form.

A unique method for store water is that camels absorb their urine again and again. They kept urine in his stomach. The bacteria convert the urine into protein and water.

They have a lack of water in every season because they live in desserts. Camels restore the water in the air that comes out of breath.

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Moreover, camel’s kidney has the ability to save the kidney from excessive salt. That is why camel drinks sea water. When a camel is thirsty, he can drink 18 liters of water without any hesitation.

Special Features

Also, Camels have a variety of unique features. Their many body parts have many useful purposes for others and camels as well. Camels can walk on sand for many hours without sinking in.

So, Camel can open and close its nostrils from sand particles. Camels have long eyelashes. The eyelashes used for security of camel’s eyes from blowing sand.

Uses of The Camels

Camels are used for many purposes. They deliver a variety of useful products. We can get vitamin C and vitamin B from camel’s milk. Camel’s milk has iron, calcium, potassium as compared to cow’s milk.

Many diseases have treatments with the help of camel’s urine. With the reference of Saheeh hadeeth in which it says that in Madinah, some sick people came to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

The Prophet told him to drink the milk and urine of camels. After that, they recovered and grew fat. This is proven by scientific research. Moreover, the author of al-Qanoon said, “the most beneficial of urine is the urine of Bedouin camels.

Humans used camel’s wool for many purposes. Camel’s leathers and meat provide a large amount of protein. For years ago, camels used for transportation.

Humans used camels for transporting goods and travel for many years. Furthermore, many years ago, camels can keep heavy loads on its hump. Peoples lived in desserts entirely dependent on camel’s meat and milk.

Diseases Recovered by The Camel’s Milk

benefits of the camel

It is reported that camel’s milk used for many dangerous diseases all around the world. The most viral infections for which camel’s liquid used are hepatitis and digestive system.

Camel’s milk used for treating illnesses. In many countries, it has been proving that camel’s milk beneficial for treating various kind of cancer and other diseases.

Camel’s milk is impressively useful for hepatitis even when doctors are hopeless, and you are at the death bed.

Diseases Recovered by Camel’s Urine

Camel’s urine is useful for skin problems. Skin diseases like ringworm, tinea and abscesses, sores on body and hair and dry & wet ulcers.

Furthermore, camel’s urine also used for hair treatments. It is also used for removing dandruff from the scalp.

Moreover, it is beneficial for men problems. It is confirmed by modern science. If you have an issue of thin and small hairs, then camel’s urine has numerous advantages for this problem.

Doctors recommend camel’s urine for swelled liver and other diseases like abscesses; sores appeared on skin. It is useful for cleansing for wash wounds and sores. You can use it for hair growth, for strengthen and thicken hair.


Furthermore, camels were used in many wars. Camels were also used for transport, communication, and companionship in wars. In 1914, camels were used as a military animal.

Arab king Gindibu used this method. In 853, Gindibu employed 1000 camels for the battle of Qarqar. For, many years ago, in warfare camel cavalry were considered an essential part of wars.

You must watch this video below for the camel history.

The Camel’s Farming

If we talk about the percentage of camels in Pakistan province-wise these figures are given: Baluchistan has 36.43 percent, Punjab has 33.51 percent, Sindh has 22.76 percent, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has 7.30 percent.

In Pakistan, the large population of camels is ignored because of the lack of equipment and research centres. On the other hand, in different countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, and Sudan have paid attention to this species.

They built many research centres, dairy forms with modern equipment just for the sake of beneficial camel’s milk and meat.

Camel meat is very economical and health practical. As time passes, it is estimated that camel’s meat is satisfying the future meat requirements.

However, dromedary camels deliver more effective and health-friendly milk. They produce more nutritional milk as compared to other species. Camel’s milk has more nutrition, but they require more cleaning process because they have bacterial infections.

Many countries have this species, but they don’t even know the advantages of them. This particular species has a ton of potential for both federal and provincial levels.

It should be the priority of the government of the country to protect the camels. They should provide those shelters and for them to establish dairy forms and restrict companies for the development of camel dairying of milk.

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Essay On The Camel
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Introduction to The Camel Essay: Camel is a large animal which belongs to different areas of the world. Camels have a fatty mass on its back, which is called hump. Its important species belongs from mainly two areas.
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